Thursday, March 3, 2011

Demons schmemons

In what universe is designer John Galliano a 'victim' of his 'demons'? I know she's his lawyer and she has to do the best she can, but this is not it.

The whole 'demons' schtick is one we've been seeing a lot of lately, notably in reference to Matthew Newton. See, it wasn't them; the devil made them do it. I wonder whether someone's done a study of the four-way connection, if any, between the contemporary fashion in mass culture for supernatural creatures, the resurgence of evangelical Christianity, the excusing of vile behaviour on the grounds that some external and evil supernatural force is responsible, and the changing fashions in vocabulary among journalists and lawyers.

It's not as if people in general need any encouragement to shove responsibility for thoughtless, self-indulgent, sexist, violent or murderous behaviour onto something or someone else. We're really good at that already.


Lord Sedgwick said...

I blame the royals. Them wot insist on referring to themselfishnesses in the third person.

Link said...

Oh yes,'we' really must take responsibility for the thoughts and emotions 'we' choose to make our own.

Kerryn Goldsworthy said...

Sorry, Link, as is often the case I'm not at all clear about what you mean. Can't work out whether you're being sarcastic or not; if you are, could you expand a bit pls?

Link said...

Not being sarcastic. But fully understand why you might have thought so. Certainly reads that way.

Ann O'Dyne said...

it appears that the couple in the cafe skirmish with JG, responded to his toast with "you are ugly, please move away from us"
They thought he was a tramp.
Of course he hurled back "you are ugly and so is your farking handbag"
(and then it was 'on' for young and old)'s report concludes:
'no matter how drunk he is, a good designer can still spot a bad bag'

Anonymous said...

I think the ground for this was prepared long since with the transitive/intransitive shift in the verbs used by news media, politicians, pr outfits and spin-doctors of all sorts. The passive voice was condemned and many intransitive verbs became transitive. Not reflexive, bu transitive. Things such as the cost of living effected themselves, became their own causes, and so became impervious facts or processes, like the weather. Agency became obscured.

My own suspicion is that the passive voice was neither clumsy nor dull; but as it left the question of "by who" or "how" very clearly unanswered, it became undesirable. (To who?!)

Anonymous said...

Hey maybe I'm wrong but when ever people talk about demons I assume they have severe drug use problems.Mixing alcohol and his medication? There is this weird sensitivity about admitting drug dependence so it is covered up with euphemisms.
Cocaine can affect your judgement when you are a heavy user- paranoia and intemperance abound.Narcotics render users quite insensitive so all manner of things so rudeness may issue forth.
It probably isn't a justification for poor behaviour - more an explanation.