Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How not to have a party

Another teenager has brought down the wrath of a virally spread party invitation on her long-suffering parents' house.

On the Facebook invitation, the girl said she didn't have enough time to invite everyone. ... She also said that the event was going to be an "open house" party as long as it didn't "get out of hand". She told Fairfax that she did this because only two people showed up to the last party she held.

Got that? She 'didn't have enough time' to invite everyone, and hadn't figured out even after her previous experience that perhaps people might rock up if you gave them some slight indication that you cared whether they did or not. Like, being organised enough to invite them individually and personally.

Perhaps even -- I know this is a radical idea -- in writing of some kind.

Possibly even in joined-up writing. Of the kind you do with a pen. A pen is a ... Oh, never mind.

Also, you kids get off my lawn.


Mindy said...

You know, you can even buy these thingys call 'invitations' and write on them, or if desperate get your parents to write on them, and hand them out at school, where, like you might actually see people you want to invite, and stuff. A teenager who doesn't know how to use Facebook? A likely story.

And don't you kids come on my lawn either. I'm watching you.

Mindy said...

Or 'called' even.

Elephant's Child said...

And the poor petal didn't realise it might get out of hand.
WV: mompi -as in mom pissed off

iODyne said...

IF her tribe ever read a newspaper, or got off their phones long enough to see a news broadcast, she would have heard of
Cory *Worthington, but I could bet the ranch she has not.
She should not be allowed to breed.
Noticed a book blog yesterday - Galley Cat.

Mindy said...

If all teenagers who did silly things were not allowed to breed the human race would have died out a while back.

Red Horse said...

I'm not a fan of the garden variety teenager (and there's one at home so I have some experience of the species).

But this morning I heard about a Japanese exchange student, aged 16, staying near Melbourne, who has lost everyone. Her parents, grandparents, extended family and friends too, I presume. There is quite literally nothing for her to go home to. What on earth will she do? Grow up all too quickly, I guess.

I heard this via a call to talkback radio, so I don't have details. John Faine is following up, as is Premier Balieau (to whom the call was made). Her exchange family are very much there for her, apparently.

Perhaps tonight I'll cut the teenager at home some slack. At least she is able to be a child (or at worst childish) for a while longer.

Kerryn Goldsworthy said...

Oh God the poor kid. Good on the exchange family for coming to the party.

I don't mind teenagers qua teenagers at all. I used to be one, albeit back in the mists of time, and I remember it well. But the whole "Use the internet to invite a bunch of strangers to trash your parents' house" thingy is not something I remember. And the having of successful parties is associated in my mind with complex etiquette and careful planning.

Mindy said...

The story may not have made it to the Adelaide papers, but they have found the teenage boy who impersonated the girl on Facebook and spread the invite far and wide. He is now helping Police with their inquiries. http://www.smh.com.au/technology/technology-news/sydney-schoolboy-behind-spreading-girls-birthday-invitation-to-200k-on-facebook-20110315-1bvky.html