Saturday, October 1, 2011

AFL Grand Final: picture, thousand words, etc


Deborah said...

Very good!

R.H. said...

I tipped this, along with the winning margin (almost) on blog Copperwitch.
None of them have congratulated me as yet, they're a very restrained crowd, much like myself.

Anonymous said...

And isn't Joan Collins thriving as a backup vocalist in Kim Beazley's new band ?


Kerryn Goldsworthy said...

Que ...?

paul walter said...

Yes, I reassured my old mate Richard last Wednesday with the comment that "Geelong will win by five goals". Just as well I didn't bet, since they won by six.
What a mess the Eags made of Norwood, locally- are they up to a real challenge against the Bulldogs, or do we have another "bird in mouth of predator" scenario emerging.
"C'arn the'Dogs!", for my part.

Kerryn Goldsworthy said...

I wasn't following, locally, but I hope my cousin Matthew played well!

R.H. said...

Geelong actually won by seven. A Collingwood "goal" blatantly hit the post on its way through. So it was really a point. Outrageous mistake to call it a goal when you think what these post watchers get paid.

Tigers, for my part.

paul walter said...

Just doing a quick check on Matt Goldsworthy's stats: v good, as with most Eags players. On last weekend's form they deserve a crack at Central.
You'd expect with a side that kicks three times as much as its rival, that the stats are universally good, whereas only a handful of Norwood players looked like they even saw the ball, let alone touched it, by those stats. Their 3-5 for the match is a record low for a prelim final.

paul walter said...

Actually, thinking on it, the collapse of Norwood over the last month, after several improving years and the revival of the Eags seem to have been parallel. The psychology and "beleif" would be fascinating; how stress can make or break on a given day and what immanent factors may play a role in these events.
How little we really know.

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