Sunday, October 23, 2011

One degree of separation

I had to be dragged, not exactly kicking and screaming but certainly emitting weak staticky signals of protest, onto Twitter. But now that I'm there, I find there's at least one daily joy. If it's not Stephen Fry, currently in Australia and announcing yesterday that he's off to a barbie in North Perth and it's not really the weather for it but it's all about the sausages really, then it's a reminder like this that the world is really very small indeed. If you don't know who Ronan Farrow is, here's a hint: he used to be called Satchel.


librarygirl said...

Bizarre coincidence. Just now saw Woody Allen's latest film and this morning thought, whatever happened to that baby he and Mia Farrow had? then googled/wiki'ed and was astonished to read about the life and work of RF. Who is also (sorry) a bit of a hottie.

M-H said...

Lovely review of your book in Spectrum this morning. Much deserved - well done!

Ampersand Duck said...

How nice that Satchel survived the whole experience! Like Duncan Jones, he's obviously inherited some interesting talents :)