Sunday, October 30, 2011

So what DOES he think it is?

Latika Bourke on Twitter: "Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says the dispute 'isn't a Workplace relations problem...this is not a policy problem.'"

There you go folks, the aspiring PM in waiting doesn't know what a workplace dispute is.

As Stephen Fry would say, Lordy potatotes.


Zarquon said...

What does he think it is?

Someone else's problem, and Labor's fault.

Mindy said...

TA doesn't care, it's just another way to bash the government. Unfortunately for him Latika Bourke corrected the news anchor who said this morning "so some people are blaming the govt for this" when she said "no, actually it's the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott who is blaming the government..." etc etc. So nice to see that someone is actually interested in reporting the news.

I don't think this dog will hunt for Tony, too many people are pissed off with Alan Joyce and his 70% payrise while baggage handlers are asking for $1 an hour. Joyce has been complaining that he got paid more when he ran Jetstar and that the former head of Qantas got $10 million per year. Obviously he hasn't heard of managing your workforce to make them happy and productive and thus profitable, nor has he heard of the GFC.

Kerryn Goldsworthy said...

You know, Mindy, I think a lot of people are still interested in reporting the news. I've talked to a few journalists lately and it's becoming clearer all the time that at the various institutions they are all being instructed to sex up and dumb down the content (usually by focusing on, if not actually inventing, some kind of conflict) and to maintain strict 'balance'. Those who try to tell the truth about anything, especially if it's too complicated for a child to understand, get their copy spiked or their jobs endangered.

Mindy said...

Thanks PC, I should be more careful of who I am blaming for the lack of proper reporting. I'm not surprised that those on the front line are still doing their jobs and getting it spiked further down the line. No doubt TA would blame that on the Govt. too.

Actually it is somewhat heartening that despite all the stuff that probably gets spiked, TA's popularity is still quite low.

Helen said...

Mindy, sadly, I checked out a very long comment thread on the Hun when the planes were grounded and the overwhelming idea is that it's all the Guvmint's fault and "Juli*r" in particular. And many more people read the Hun than read Fairfax.