Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Far, far too much information

One particularly detestable bit of all-purpose politics-and-public-service jargon is getting a good workout during this limp election campaign period: 'roll out' as an all-purpose verb to mean either 'introduce', 'develop', 'implement', 'put into practice' or any one of half a dozen other specific activities depending on context.

But I can't help wondering whether The Australian's Cameron Stewart has seen it used this way before, whether he's decided to extend its meaning, and/or whether he actually checked this bit of copy before he filed it. Who knows, maybe he did it on purpose and thought it was funny. Here you go:

Mr Abbott pointedly opened Sunday's debate by reminding voters that he and his wife understood what it was like "to raise a family, to wrestle with a big mortgage, with grocery bills, with school fees".

And yesterday he rolled out wife Margie for the first time in the campaign.

Abbott has said publicly that he feels sex-starved when on the campaign trail, which is in itself far too much information. But I would pay a lot of money not to now have in my head a sequence of unwelcome images involving the rolling out of Margie. Really I would.


Mindy said...

Ah the drawbacks of being a wordsmith.

TimT said...

I imagine the journos get told repeatedly to use metaphors and images to communicate stories more effectively. Not bad advice in itself; unfortunately the constant, inane, and eventually nonsensical use of catchphrases like 'rolled out' is the result.

M-H said...

Thanks for a laugh out loud in the middle of the day.

Peter said...

Ta. My wife collapsed in giggles - and she's not the giggling type.

seepi said...

Poor Miz Abbot!!!

The one I really hate is 'grow the economy'.

I don't really know why I hate it, but people seem to be obsessed with 'growing profits' or 'growing visitation' (tourism) and it grates on me every time someone says it.

Anonymous said...

Ugh! This lurker feels compelled to add that she cannot stand 'going forward'.

Mindy said...

Good thing the slogan is "Moving forward" then. ;)