Friday, July 30, 2010

'The next great Russian dancer'

is, they say, Ivan 'Rocket Man' Vasiliev, age 21.

He's currently dancing in London with the Bolshoi and I first heard his name on radio the other day, with an interview. Dancing makes him happy, he says, because it is his element. 'I am fish in water.'

More here.


paul walter said...

He looks like a really young Nureyev, years before he went to seed.

Bernice said...

There's a DanceChannelTV?

His Spartacus is the most menacing I've seen. Osipova is no slouch either - her Kitri is astonishing.

Tatyana Larina said...

Wow! 'Fish in water' indeed.

He says he is Iron Man too.

I agree Bernice, Natalia Osipova is also amazing.

What a nice interlude ...

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

He's so leapy! It's almost enough to make me want to take up exercise.

Meredith said...

Goodness--he actually hovers for a split second at the tops of those jumps.