Monday, July 26, 2010

Opprobrious epithets

Mungo McCallum on the "debate" in today's Crikey is in form as fine as it ever was back in the day, when he was writing for the Nation Review and Whitlam was Prime Minister:
Abbott is apparently happy to be seen as a fraud and a poltroon, a shyster who cannot be trusted or believed and who stands for nothing. This, of course, is precisely the political cowardice of which he accuses Gillard, and on her record to date he has a point. But pots and kettles, people in glass houses, etc.

Of course the voters are the real losers. Never has the prime ministership of Australia been contested by such a pair of abject, craven, weak-kneed, whey-faced, chicken-hearted, lily-livered, jelly-bellied milksops.


Elisabeth said...

Wow - 'jelly bellied milk sops'. That's scary.

Ann ODyne said...

late in the evening on 21st August, we will be watching the count and seeing exactly how many whey-faced voters see their own reflection in The Candidate, and seal the fate of debate for the next ...

If we must have a milksop, please
Let's not ask JG for the moon
(carbon trading, refugees)
when we have the stars
(female, non papist).

The Nation review was such a breath of fresh air. It had to have indie distribution and buyers had to go from shop to shop on Sundays just looking for it. Sam Orr, RIP.

fmark said...

Lucky Mungo doesn't live in Stockton:

TimT said...

I pass on to you this remarkable collection of oppobrious epithets that were passed on to me. Perhaps Mungo and Rabelais could get together some time.

Nigel said...

Yes, this election is leaving much to be desired. But at least Julia Gillard is the real deal, with a sense of the future, with a desire to do good things, to be a leader.

Abbott on the other hand is a shonk - he really is happy to sludge around at the bottom to scoop up all the loose, directionless votes (and voters).

Link said...

He was in fine form too in Saturday's SMH. Made me laugh. Stuck the boot into Blanche , valiantly defended Hazel and as an afterthought warned Blanche about the failings of make-shift studio lighting, suggesting that her facelifts looked to be 'caught between floors'. Very cruel, very wry, very funny.