Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Read, Think, Write -- new post

Because I'm going to get this blog going properly if it kills me.


genevieve said...

well, you have a good start. Someone rather fine is linking, at his new place.
(Did I mention I'm enjoying it too?)

Di said...

The new blog is going well and I hope it's not killing you but making you stronger.

I don't want to pollute the new blog with what might be considered a red herring dragged across the trail so I'm commenting here instead.

Because you posted so quickly about yesterday's ALR I finally managed to get to the newsagent on the right day and pick up a copy. I've kicked myself monthly on missing out on copies (obviously I am not a daily reader of the paper).

I was struck, and dismayed, by the fact that there is not one, not even one review or essay written by a woman. Each of the fifteen substantial reviews is by a male writer. Only one woman writer appears in the list of contributors and that is a poet who has one poem published in the issue.Apart from that there is the film photo with women in it, and two illustrations, both by men, which feature images of women.

I know there are good female reviewers in this country so why aren't they being given the opportunity to have their work published in this important forum?

Kerryn Goldsworthy said...

Di, you'd have to ask the editor that! I certainly don't know what the answer is.

Di said...

I've sent a comment to the editor on his blog.